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Calendar Event Request

Attention Team Leaders: If your team is having a big upcoming event that you would like posted on the O2 Central Calendar, we are happy to offer this as a resource for applicable O2 Worldwide events. 

Thank you for your interest in having an event posted on the O2 Central Calendar.  We are happy to offer this calendar as a resource for applicable events. To ensure that events meet the posting qualifications, O2 Worldwide Corporate has approved the following criteria and process.  To have your calendar request reviewed for consideration, please follow the INSTRUCTIONS provided on this page, and we will be happy to assist you.  Below is also important information regarding the TERMS AND CONDITIONS for event posting to help you determine if your event is appropriate for this corporate calendar.  Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Event Posting

By submitting a request for an event to be posted on the O2 Central Calendar, you are indicating that you have fully read, understand, and agree to these TERMS AND CONDITIONS and release O2 Worldwide and O2 Central from any and all liability.  No exceptions will be made.  

What type of events are eligible?  This corporate calendar is managed by O2 Central under the direction of O2 Worldwide Corporate and is designated solely for O2 Worldwide events.  Only corporate or team-sponsored events that benefit O2 Worldwide members are eligible.  The O2 Central Calendar is not intended for individual marketing activities or prospecting meetings; those types of events will not be posted.  DISCLAIMER: Submitting a request does not guarantee that an event will be posted even if it meets the criteria.

When should I submit my request?  As part of your event planning, submit the posting request at least two full weeks before the actual event.  PRO TIP: Only submit a request once you have all of the needed information (as listed below).

When will it be posted on the calendar?  Please allow a few business days for your request to be reviewed and – if approved – posted.  We strive to process requests as quickly as possible and – like everyone – must follow the approved protocol.  Thank you.

What am I responsible for providing?  It is your responsibility as the event planner to ensure that the information you submit is complete (as listed below), clearly written, error-free, and of a quality nature.  Moreover, there is no guarantee that what you submit will be posted as is; for various reasons some information may be modified or omitted.  PRO TIP: Review the event post once it is live on the calendar and notify us if something needs to be fixed.

What if the event gets changed?  No problem.  If there is a change after-the-fact, please let us know and we will update it on the calendar as soon as possible.  If the event is postponed or canceled, please let us know immediately so we can remove it from the calendar.

Instructions for Submitting a Calendar Event Posting Request

We look forward to assisting you and thank you in advance for helping ensure that this can continue to be offered as a resource for teams and members.  By submitting a request, you are indicating that you have fully read, understand, and agree to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS above.

So that your request can be processed as quickly as possible, provide all of the applicable information – typed out in an email message and in the order listed below.  Unless otherwise indicated, all the items are REQUIRED; incomplete requests will not be considered.  Please be aware that attaching an event flyer or link to a registration page does not substitute following these instructions.  Submit your request via email to the O2 Central Site Coordinator at admin@o2central.com with the subject line “Calendar Event Posting Request”.  Please allow a few business days for your request to be reviewed and – if approved – posted.

  1. Your contact information – including full name, phone number with area code, and O2 Worldwide member username – so we can contact you if there are questions about your request.  This information will not be posted on the calendar.
  2. Target audience.  Specify who the event is for / who is invited AND the approximate headcount you plan to be in attendance.
  3. Title of the event.  It needs to be 4-6 words max to fit the calendar form field character limit.  This – or a shortened version of it – will be visible on the month calendar as well as at the top of the event page.  PRO TIP: Include the location (city, state, or country) to help members searching the calendar find events in their area.  For example, “Utah Launch Party” or “2-Day Master Class in Salt Lake”.
  4. Date of the event.
  5. Starting time and ending time of the event.  Be sure to include AM/PM and the time zone.
  6. Name of the event venue, such a the “D. Putnam Legacy Hotel Ballroom” or “O2 Worldwide Corporate Office”.
  7. Address of the event venue, including full street address, city, state, and country.
  8. Phone number and website URL for the event venue.  PRO TIP: This is optional but is often useful to those planning to attend.
  9. Name of event organizer.  This can be either the name of the team or the person in charge of the event.  FYI, you can also include their phone number to be posted on the calendar, but its optional.
  10. Event-specific website URL, if there is one.  This could be for an online event registration form or an information page for this specific event.
  11. Written description and any additional details of the event.  It can be 250 words max.  This will appear as the main body of the event page.  Plus, the first 50 characters – including the title of the event (see above) – will appear in the details blurb that pops up when someone hovers over the event name on the month calendar.  PRO TIP: Use ALL CAPS sparingly; it can make the text more difficult to read.
  12. Optional: If you also have an image – such as an event flyer or agenda or a photo of the keynote speaker or event venue – that you would like displayed on the event page, send it to us as a JPG. Maximum upload file size: 128 MB.

If you have questions or need assistance, please email the O2 Central Site Coordinator at admin@o2central.com and we will return your message as soon as possible.  We love working with the O2 Worldwide members and are happy to assist you and will make it a priority to provide a timely, friendly response.  Thank you.